Expected results

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Generally, the proposed project contributes to the improvement of soil management, the quality of environment, safety of citizens and economic activities, human health, competitiveness and quality of products in local and European level. In addition, the project contributes to the awareness and motivation on soil degradation threats and provide decision-support tools for effective soil management to policy makers and scientists.

In Anthemountas basin (320Km2, 55.000 habitants) the awaited results of the project are:

  • Improvement of soil management, condition of environment, safety of citizens and infrastructures, health and local income.
  • Development procedure support of local economy, and environmental protection.
  • Improvement of services of local authorities.
  • Mobilization of local stakeholders

In Regional level of Central Macedonia, the awaited results are:

  • Improvement of soil management and environment through the exploitation of environmental friendly soil management methods
  • Improvement of effectiveness and competitiveness of RCM and Greece in the international market.
  • Capacity building of scientists, public authorities, and public servants
  • Public awareness on soil threats and improvement of producers’ practices.