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  • Sustainable Soil Management in Anthemountas basin and generally in Greece.
  • Contribution to the establishment of the common European Soil Policy.
  • Development and evaluation of methodologies & know-how in soil management, based on the EU Soil Thematic Strategy.
  • Action plan development for Soil management in Anthemountas basin through the identification and control of soil threats.
  • Improving capacity and skills of authorities and scientists for soil management in Region of Central Macedonia and generally in Greece.
  • Capacity building of local Authorities and bodies in soil management and awareness of the public in Anthemountas basin about soil threats and values.
  • Combating erosion of sub mountainous and mountainous areas.
  • Confronting soil degradation of agricultural lands (erosion, soil salinization, organic matter reduction).
  • Prevention and control of soil contamination and sealing in intensively spatial developed areas.

Actions and means involved:

  • Adoption and implementation of the provisions of the European Soil Strategy in Greece and at the basin level.
  • Elaboration of a Soil Action Plan for the river basin of Anthemountas using innovative tools in soil management and exploiting public participation. Development and implementation of a coherent land policy. Actions implementation for social attendance and public involvement during the formation of the Soil Action Plan.
  • Pilot projects implementation and production of innovative & management tools for soil management. Publishing of thematic guides on soil management and protection (soil erosion, agricultural land degradation, land contamination, soil sealing). Actions implementation improving scientist’s knowledge in soil management.
  • Project’s results dissemination locally, regionally, nationally and generally in EU.
  • Producers skills improvement in local level (Anthemountas basin) and active involvement of local society in project’s implementation

Erosion pilot-project in mountainous and sub mountainous areas.
It includes erosion risk assessment in mountainous and sub mountainous areas of Anthemountas Municipality. Development of a decision-support tool for the prevention and confrontation of water-erosion taking into account the socio-economic and environmental conditions. designation of priority action zones with the magnitude upon erosion threat, design of measures against water erosion.

Soil pilot-project for the degradation in an agricultural area of 5.500 hectares
It includes qualitative and quantitative evaluation of soil degradation and determination of agents (organic matter, salinity, erosion), production of soil status indices, production of land information and water quality records in irrigation systems through the implementation of Soil Strategy in agricultural practices for the sustainable use of the agricultural land.

Soil contamination pilot-project.
It includes design and implementation of a step-by-step management tool for systematic/sustainable approach of soil contaminated sites. In detail, it includes risk contamination evaluation, site identification, inventory, risk assessment and remediation strategy. Application of the Decision Management Development Tool on Soil Contamination for the area of Thermi’s Municipality.

Soil sealing pilot-project
It includes completion and/or acquisition and analysis of the geo-hydraulic datasets, study of the effect of different urbanization degrees on a range of runoff coefficient values, development of a risk assessment tool of sealing in urban areas and creation of best practices guide to prevent and to confront it.