Meteorological data

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In the framework of the project, ANATOLIKI S.A. observes five (5) meteorological stations (M.S.).

These stations are:

  • M.S. Airport
  • M.S. Galatista
  • M.S. Loutra Thermis
  • M.S. Souroti
  • M.S. Triadi

Among these stations, M.S. Airport is property of the Hellenic National Meteorological Sercice (H.N.M.S.). The data are received after written request of ANATOLIKI S.A. to H.N.M.S.

M.S. Galatista is property of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.TH.). Anatoliki S.A. received oral approval from the Polytechnical School for the management of the station.

M.S. Loutra Thermis is property of National Agricultural Research Foundation (N.AG.RE.F.) and it is located on the Forest Research Institute (F.R.I). The data are obtained after written request of Anatoliki S.A. to F.R.I. This station has the longest timeseries of data from all the observed stations.

M.S. Souroti είναι property of SOUROTI S.A. and ANATOLIKI S.A. It has been replaced recently with new equipment. The data are obtained on the spot every 30 days.

Finally, M.S. Triadi is property of Anatoliki S.A. It has been replaced recentyly with new equipment. the data are obtained on the spot every 30 days.

For any information for the meteorological stations or for obtaining the raw data that have been received from the above stations, contact Anatoliki S.A. in: +30 2310 463930.