Life So.S.

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An innovative project for soil protection and management and the confrontation of its threatening risks is implemented for the first time in Greece, in the Anthemountas river basin district in eastern Thessaloniki, under the European Initiative for the Environment LIFE +.

The project entitled LIFE - So.S. (Soil Sustainability) refers to the identification of various soil risks considering the geomorphologic, hydrological, economic, and social characteristics of the region and the provisions of the European Soil Thematic Strategy.

In the project’s frame the areas of basin under soil erosion risk, organic matter degradation, salinization, sealing and contamination will be identified. In addition goals for reducing these risks towards soil protection will be set as well as an action plan, to achieve them, will be developed. The local stakeholders will be invited to participate and contribute to the development of the Action Plan.

The project includes major applications implemented for the first time in Greece:

  • Adoption and application of the provisions of the European Soil Thematic Strategy.
  • Compact of soil erosion in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of the basin.
  • Confrontation of soil degradation in rural areas of the basin.
  • Control and protection against contamination and soil sealing in areas to be urbanized.
  • Development and dissemination of methods and techniques in soil management and protection.
  • Development of an action plan to manage and protect soil of Anthemountas basin by identifying and encountering the risks threatening it.
  • Improving skills of scientists and institutions and raise awareness of the local community on soil protection and management.

For the implementation of the project, the Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki ANATOLIKI S.A., the Land Research Institute of N.AG.RE.F., the companies INTERGEO LTD and HYETOS G.P., the Region of Central Macedonia and the Regional Development Fund of the Region of Central Macedonia are cooperating.